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Web programming for people who really like to program! Just $59.95!

Looking for easy Windows programming? Try Liberty BASIC!
Since the web was invented people have been creating applications that run on it. This has always been really hard... UNTIL NOW!

Run BASIC Personal Server is an all-in-one system that makes web programming easy and fun. With a knowledge of the BASIC programming language and without needing to learn a lot of arcane web technologies you can create web applications for use on a PC, for use on a local network, or hosted onto the Internet. Run BASIC applications work on Windows, Linux and Mac computers and many cell phones.

Try Run BASIC for free! Here are download links for versions of Run BASIC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux:

Read the Run BASIC whitepaper. Click to download the PDF.

To try web programming with Run BASIC right now in your browser we have built-in a version of Run BASIC on this site. Just click the Examples and Learn tabs. Try writing your own program in the Write Your Own tab.

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Click here to watch a video tour of Run BASIC.
Click here to watch a video of Run BASIC being used to create a simple blog application.

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